Museum of Contemporary Arts

  1. Sankho Chaudhuri Sculpture Gallery
  2. Contemporary Indian & International Art 
  3. Ram Chhatpar Memorial     
  4. Varanasi’s Contemporary Art
  5. Madan Lal’s Art  

ISHII Art Gallery

This gallery organises regular exhibitions. We give opportunities to national and international artist to exhibit their highly creative and selective artwork.

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Ram Chhatpar Shilp Nyas, India, has the following prestigious collection of artworks.


Ram Kinker Baij
Sankho Chaudhuri
Sarbari Rai Chaudhuri
Rajendra Tiku  
A.S. Panwar        
Jhanak Jhankar Narzari
Dhruva Mistry
Radhika Vaidynathan
Ravi Patnaik
Susant Kumar Das       


Atsuo Ishii, Japan
Toshimi Koizumi, Japan
Abe Chikayo, Japan
Abe Shigeru, Japan
Toyama Hanako, Japan 
Nakata Satoshi, Japan
Pichlbauer Hannelore, Germany
Bernhardt Josef, Austria
Frey Matthias, Switzerland
Pichler Arnold, Austria
Egger Herbert, Austria

ISHII Art Gallery

We host the contemporary art exhibitions of emerging artist and masters. This gallery is open to the public and plays an important role to maintain the network between artist and public

Recent Exhibitions

Some photos from the recent exhibitions organised at ISHII Art Gallery

Nyas Mandap: Open Air Theatre

We have an open-air space with a magnificent view of river Ganga which is the vibrant combination of art and nature. We conduct various musical concerts, theatres, open discussion at the Nyas Mandap


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